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Empowering Missions: Business for Gospel Transformation

Empowering Global Ministry: Integrating Biblical Work Principles to Foster Spiritual and Economic Growth for Believers Worldwide

Business to Discipleship

The aim of our Business for Disciple-making program is clear: to equip and empower church planters and pastors engaged in Disciple-making and church planting missions within the 10/40 window. Through strategic integration of business principles, we aim to extend the reach of the Gospel among unreached people groups.

We understand the profound influence of business in society and its capacity to generate lasting change. By fostering economic, social, and spiritual growth in local communities, we catalyze holistic transformation. Our approach recognizes that true impact goes beyond charity—it addresses fundamental human needs and elevates individuals, communities, and nations.

This is more than a business program—it's a pathway to fulfilling God's mission through marketplace influence. Join us in harnessing the power of business for spiritual expansion and societal transformation.

Case Study


In Bangladesh, the Business for Disciple-makers training captured the interest of a Muslim seeker (*Zahid) seeking means to support his family. Through the program, Zahid not only acquired the necessary technical skills to initiate a business but also gained profound insights into the pivotal role of the marketplace in nurturing the church. His journey culminated in his acceptance of Christ as his Lord and Savior. The Business for Disciple-makers approach to evangelism has also mitigated the initial resistance his family had to his newfound faith. By demonstrating the practical benefits of a life in Christ, Zahid was spared the devastating alienation that many Muslim converts encounter.

*Names have been altered for security reasons.

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