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Strengthen Our Ministry Through Your Kindness

Your significant contribution ignites our mission, amplifying the Gospel's reach and fostering transformation through media engagement and community initiatives.

Make your Love for Christ a lasting part of your life story.

Your Gift Matters

Major gifts play a pivotal role in empowering Christian media ministries to spread the Gospel and touch lives around the globe. Through the generosity of our major donors, we can innovate in the delivery of Christian content, expand our reach into new communities, and deepen our impact on individuals seeking spiritual growth. Your significant contribution supports a range of initiatives, from producing inspiring media content to funding community outreach programs that embody the love of Christ. By investing in our ministry, you become a vital partner in our mission to share God's Word and demonstrate His love in tangible ways. Together, we can create lasting change and bring hope to countless hearts, making an eternal difference in the lives of those we serve.

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Legacy Gifts

Thank you for considering an estate gift

Gifts of Real Estate

Committed  through Property Giving

Real estate to be sold, with the proceeds supporting our work.

If you wish to leave a gift of real estate to 3xM International through a will or trust, it is recommended that you instruct your executor/trustee to sell the property and donate the proceeds to 3xM International. This enables 3xM  to continue its focus on global discipleship and still provides your estate with a tax deduction for the value of the land as sold. This includes not only rural lands, but also residential and commercial properties.

Please use the following suggested language in your Will or Living Trust:

I instruct my executor to sell the property owned by me and located at [address/description of the property, lot number, etc.]. The net proceeds from this sale should be donated to 3xM USA., a not-for-profit organization, with its principal offices located at


211 Bay Breeze Lane

Holland MI    49424


Tax ID # (EIN) 20-0779592

You may also wish to specify how these proceeds should be used by 3xM International. For example, supporting discipleship in a partner country or the 3xM Academy.

If you wish to sell the property during your lifetime, placing it in a Charitable trust would be a way for you to receive income with the remainder coming to 3xM International later.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss this possibility.

Please contact us at 616- 772 98 73  or f.boer@3xM-intl  for further assistance.  

Frans Boer
Director of International Fundraising and Communication

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