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Prayer Partners

Join our community of faithful prayer warriors as we intercede for the needs of our ministry and the world.

At 3xM, we believe in the profound power of prayer to bring about change in our lives, our ministry, and the world at large. We invite you to become Prayer Partners, joining a dedicated community of faithful prayer warriors who intercede fervently for the needs of our ministry and the global community. In unity, we lift up our concerns, hopes, and aspirations before the Almighty, seeking His guidance, protection, and blessings.


Together, we form a spiritual backbone that strengthens our mission and brings comfort, healing, and transformation to those in need.


Your commitment as a Prayer Partner not only deepens your own connection with God but also amplifies the impact of our ministry's endeavors. Join us in this sacred journey of prayer, where faith converges to shape a brighter future.

3xM International Prayer Team

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