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Intracultural Discipleship

Faith Unbound: Cultivating a Million Souls through

Intracultural Discipleship 

Embracing Diversity

Our aspiration, passion, longing, and dedication revolve around guiding 1,000,000 individuals spiritually closer to their faith with the teachings of Jesus Christ through contemporary media by the year 2030. To accomplish this, we support, empower, and educate local discipleship partners to implement culturally sensitive disciple-making strategies using modern media tools and emerging technologies.

Our intracultural program focuses on empowering partners to guide their communities toward spiritual growth within their own cultural contexts. This contrasts with traditional methods where "outsiders" introduce the Gospel, often in ways that fail to resonate with local customs and beliefs. Our decision to embrace an intracultural approach stems from our recognition that Western evangelism and discipleship models often clash with the worldviews of unreached people groups.

Moreover, intracultural discipleship allows us to incorporate elements from our target communities to engage seekers in conversations about Jesus Christ. Through our tailored Bible studies, we communicate the Gospel in a manner that resonates both intellectually and emotionally with seekers.

How it works:

At the core of our discipleship process lies the transformative power of the intracultural approach. It enables us to determine how we engage discipleship within:

  • A specific homogenous people group, harmoniously immersed in a shared culture.

  • A particular era that shapes the experiences and needs of this people group.

  • The influence of geography on the discipleship methodology used to reach the target group.


3xM Academy

Our strategy is fortified by the robust media and digital discipleship training imparted via the 3xM Academy. These comprehensive programs empower our indigenous partners with essential competencies and insights to effectively share the Gospel  through media.

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Our Programs

At 3xM, we employ an integrated approach anchored in the principle of Intracultural Discipleship. Our methodology revolves around honoring and valuing the distinct cultural nuances of the communities we engage with, facilitating authentic connections and deep engagement with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Intracultural Discipleship in Action

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Our Afghan partner, deeply rooted in their cultural context, has undertaken a remarkable journey of developing what we term "Afghan theology." Their commitment to this endeavor is evident in the recent publication of the first volume, presented in the unique format of a diary, offering a personal and relatable insight into theological concepts. Now, they are diligently working on the second volume, demonstrating a continued dedication to nurturing their community's spiritual growth through culturally resonant teachings.

Moreover, to enhance accessibility and engagement, our partner is on the verge of launching a brand-new website and virtual studio. This innovative step will provide a dynamic platform for sharing Afghan theology, fostering interactive discussions, and facilitating meaningful connections within the Afghan community and beyond. Through these initiatives, our partner exemplifies intracultural discipleship in action, bridging the gap between faith and culture to nurture a vibrant and thriving spiritual community.

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